Let's enjoy the nature next to us!

Painting by Gustav Klimt

Creating gardens that positively affects the mood of people is not a new invention. Since ancient times people have created private gardens in their homes but also large publics. The art of shaping gardens began to spread from the earliest Asian cultures in ancient Egypt and from there to Greece. Among the most famous gardens of antiquity were the Babylonian hangers, one of the seven wonders of the world. But even in ancient Greece there were gardens, because the Greeks believed that there was a relationship between the gardens and the gods, so they created gardens around the temples.

The creation of a garden in the space we live in, besides the use of the open space, with the private garden and the appropriate design (landscape architecture), we hide a view that we do not want (large plants) and planting gardener and flower plants, we create an elegant result which has a positive effect on our mood.

According to scientists, the time we spend in nature seems to regulate our emotions as well as our heartbeats. It has also been pointed out how nature can help to develop positive feelings, such as joy and serenity and everything that can promote feelings of tranquility.

In our islands, Kefalonia and Ithaca, tourism has developed rapidly in recent decades. Villas and hotels have worked with strangers to come to enjoy the unique nature of the islands. The beautifully designed garden is a prerequisite for these tourist accommodation.

Let's enjoy the nature next to us!

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