Galaxy Petunia

Galaxy Petunia

A real flower that looks like a speckled night sky

If you’re looking for a showstopping flower that looks spectacular in containers, cascading over the sides of hanging baskets, or being used as an eye-catching bedding plant, look no further than the galaxy petunia.

Also called night sky petunia, this new species was created by an Italian plant breeder who crossed two other petunia varieties. It’s no surprise the plant won the prestigious Fleurostar award for ‘Winner with the Wow Factor’ when it was released commercially in 2016.

The galaxy petunia’s purple trumpet-shaped flowers have white spots dotted across them that create an other-worldly look reminiscent of the cosmos. It’s a shame that these fast-growing plants typically only last one growing season, but once they’re in bloom, the flowers remain until the late fall when the first frosts hit. Plant galaxy petunias in the spring after temperatures are above 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s worth noting that the temperatures of their environment heavily influence the blooming pattern of galaxy petunias. If the weather is too hot, the plants might not display the white spots that give them an impressive appearance. You may have to wait for cooler nights (closer to the end of the summer) before they start to resemble a starry cosmos again.